Special collections

  • ADB Publications  The Asian Development Bank has designated Miriam College Library as an official depository for ADB publications.  ADB’s publications increase awareness and understanding of their activities, strategies, and objectives, and introduce the public to what ADB has been doing. ADB produces annually over 50 current titles on economics, environment, social, and other sectors. The collections are located at the second floor of College Library Media Center.
  • American Reading Collections American Reading Collections are pamphlets, brochures and other informative materials on American Studies. It is located at the first floor.
  • Asian Media Information & Communication Centre  The Asian Media Information & Communication Centre has designated Miriam College Library as an official depository of their publications. AMIC disseminates a large amount of information on mass communication in Asia through its bimonthly newsletter, Asian Media and Communication Bulletin, a quarterly magazine, Media Asia and a quarterly research journal, Asian Journal of Communication; as well as monographs and books.
  • Environmental Studies Environmental Studies collections are materials relevant to the studies of environment written by authoritative authorships like Miller, Odum and Chiras.
  • Feasibility Studies Feasibility Studies and Strategic Planning collections were submitted by the undergraduate students of Business and Entrepreneur students.
  • Filipiniana Collections Books and non-book materials about the Philippines, produced in or outside the Philippines, by Filipinos or non-Filipinos, in any of the Philippine languages, or in a foreign language.
  • Japan and its CultureMaterials are pertaining to Japan and its culture.
  • National Council for the Welfare of Disabled PersonsThe National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons is the Philippine government agency that serves as the focal point for all disability-related concerns and issues. NCWDP formerly National Council Concerning Disabled Persons was organized in 1986 in the existence was still the National Council Concerning Disabled Persons (NCCDP) reorganized the bureaucracy after the EDSA Revolution.  As the Focal Point for all disability related matters and issues. The NCWDP is the central authority of the Philippine government mandated by law to formulate polices on disability and act as an overall coordinating and monitoring body to rationalized the functions of government agencies to the prevention of the cause of disability, rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities.   Their collections were found at the first floor of the College Library Media Center.
  • Peace and Global Education  The materials will help you to advance yourself to a culture of peace with the aid of its information and education.
  • Rizaliana Collection are books about Dr. Jose Rizal and his works.
  • Theses Collection  Theses and Dissertation Collection of undergrad and graduate students of Miriam College
  • Women’s Studies  The collections entail about empowerment and gender equality in society in a win-win situation for both women and men.