HEU librarians participate in Seminar-Workshop in Palawan

Librarians from the Higher Education Unit of Miriam College recently attended a seminar/workshop on “Effective Library Management and Workplace Productivity through Stress Management, Wellness and Good Nutrition” held last April 18-20 at the Skylight Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The seminar/workshop was organized by the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP).

Highly regarded resource persons in the fields of stress management, wellness and good nutrition led the discussions establishing a direct link of the importance of personal wellness to the overall workplace productivity and its resultant effect on Library Management.  The participants were made aware of personal stressors and idiosyncratic stress reactions that may lead to stress-related illnesses.

They were taught to overcome this by living a more relaxed and healthy life style through good nutrition, health and wellness.  Finally they were given the key to control the stressors in life by creating their own personal stress-management plan to effectively manage their workplace.  If all the participants practice what they have learned then definitely there will be a decrease in office tension and stress which would redound to a better workplace environment.

By mchelmc